How We Work? - IMS - Integrated Marketing and Sales Consulting

How We Work?

It’s Easy to Get Started with IMS Consulting:

Our goal is to make your job as easy as possible, so here’s how we begin:

6 Steps to Success

  1. Call us or fill out this quick inquiry form—We’ll set up an appointment to discuss your needs and research into your business, market needs, product, services, target market and current marketing activities and procedures.
  2. We give you a Revenue Boost Estimate—After reviewing your needs in depth, if we think that IMS Consulting is a good fit for you, we will give you an estimate about how much we can increase your bottom line.
  3. Plan to Succeed—We create a Strategic Marketing Plan based on your needs.
  4. Integration—We plug all of your sales and marketing processes into the IMS.
  5. Training—We come in and show your staff how to use the IMS CRM System.
  6. Execution—Optimally, we will be handling from 80-90% of your marketing activities, leaving your staff far more time to spend interacting personally to nurture leads and clients.

Let IMS Consulting help you boost your revenue by generating more qualified leads, making more sales, and helping you keep current customers happy and loyal. If this sounds good to you, contact us today.